The origin of the name Storimans, cannot be established with a degree of certainty. It has been said that the name was based upon a 'given name' Torian. The addition of a letter 's' behind this name as "Thorian's" would imply the Son of Thorian. A member of the household of Thorian would have been addressed as one of 'sThorians. Although the name Thoriaan exists, the theory is based upon speculation. No explanation exist how the name 's Torians evolved in Storimans. Similary the name might be derived from 'torre'(=tower)+man or from 'torrier'(=towerwarder, jailer)+man. The names Torremans and Toreman exist in Zeeland and Belgium Brabant respectively.
There is another possibility that the name might be connected with the word 'storie' or 'steurie'. This is local noun in Western Flanders comparable to 'store' (from Latin: instaurare = restore) and mostly used in a negative sense, specifying rubbish or old junk. So a 'sorieman' could have been a person selling old junk.
Because the name Storiman(s) is been found since the 14the century, it is most probably from etymological point of view that the name should be linked to 'storie', a Middle Dutch noun that is derived from the Latin 'historia' and that in the 11th - 15th century meant 'narrative' or 'message'. A 'stori(e)man' is thus a narator, messager or newsbringer. This is just like most people suppose, as they hear this family name, thinking of 'story' in English. The English word 'story' dirives also form the same Latin 'historia'.
If it might reveal at any time that the Storimans family has early German roots, then the name could mean also 'leader of a troop'. In Old German 'Storîe' means 'a group of people', 'manschaft'. [Thanks to Bjorn Witlox who called attention to these two etymological sources.]
Finally name sakes with a more romantic attitude could cling to the hypothesis that the name originated from the Vikings, who traveled widely across Europe in the 8th and the 9th century. Who among other places entered into Normandy and from there migrated to England. In the English county of Wiltshire, the name Storeman can be found as early as the beginning of the previous millennium. The name sakes were proprietors of land on 'Stur', deeded to them by William the Conqueror in appreciation for their part in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Of comparable origin are the names: Sturmy, Stormie, Storemy, Estormen, Stormey and Storm. The family Code of Arms depicts the battle cry 'Sto rei manens' which means 'I am steadfast'.
Anyway it is certain that a Henricus Storiman payed property tax in 1340 to the Duke of 's-Hertogenbosch. His son Arnoldus Storiman sells property in 1357 and Jan Storiman payed tax in 1380. Berthe, daugther of Erijt Storimans, sells the rights on a lease in 1391. Juet , dauchter of Dideric Storijman, Henric Storijmans en his son Henric ware mentioned in 1419, 1422, 1428, 1429.
A century later, in 1521, written records of Helvoirt show the presence of an, 'Arnoldus filius Antony Storymans'. During this same period we meet a Peter Hendricx Stoerman, an Arnold Stoerman and a Jan Stoirmans ( pronounced Stoormans).
Still again a 100 years later, the names Anthony, Jan, Aert and Arnoldus appear once more in the surroundings of Oisterwijk, Helvoirt, Enschot and Loon op Zand. These are now sheriffs, proprietors of houses or land and a pub owner. Their name is now consistingly spelled as Storimans. For interesting details (In Dutch) of Arnoldus Storimans, major of Berkel-Enschot, see the website of the town of Tilburg gemeentearchief van Tilburg and Wim de Bakker, Kwartierstaat van de eerste burgemeester van Berkel, Enschot en Heukelom, Arnoldus Storimans, in: De Kleine Meijerij, jrg. 52 (2001), nr. 1, p. 20 e.v.
The Storimans'en living at present in The Netherlands or elsewhere in the world, such as Canada, are almost certainly related to the Storimans'en living in Brabant as mentioned previously. The Storimans family for which this website has been created can be traced back for at least 14 generations.
Pierre (*1998), our youngest name sake is the son of Pierre (*1959), son of Pierre (*1924), son of Pierre (1899-1989), son of Pierre (1861-1940), son of Andries (1807-1868), son of Jan (1760-1826), son of Nol (1732-1786), son of Aert (1679-1753), son of Aert (1676-?), son of Aert (1645-±1686), son of Aert (±1620-1661), son of Antony (±1590-±1652), son of Aert (±1560-1602), son of Peter (±1530-±1580), son of Aert (±1498-±1562), son of Peter Storimans (±1460-±1517)
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